The Serbian Lighting Committee

During the 1990-ies the Yugoslav  Lighting Committee (YLC) established in the Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia stopped existing. Its membership in the CIE was restored through the years 1999 and 2000 on behalf of the new Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. At the beginning of 2007, by the decision of the Serbian Lighting Society (SLS) Board, the Yugoslav  Lighting Committee changed its name into the Serbian Lighting Committee (SLC). For the first year its president was Pavle Bozic, dipl. ing. el.  His successor was Prof. Dr. Miomir Kostic, who is still serving on this function. Prof. Kostic is a member of the General Assembly of the CIE, which meets once in two years. He represented the YLC and later the SLC at the CIE General Assembly meetings organized within conferences held in Istanbul (2001), San Diego (2003), Beijing (2007), Budapest (2009) and Sun City (South Africa, 2011). Besides Prof. Kostic, the representatives of the SLC in the CIE are: Tatjana Marjanovic, Vladan Skerovic, Jelena Vucicevic, Ana Drndarevic, Lidija Djokic and Zoran Ledinski. The secretary of the SLC is Sonja Mijatovic.

In October of 2007, the SLC became a member of the international organization Lux Europa, which after quite some time organized a conference in Istanbul, in 2009.
The Balkan Light organization was established in Varna, Bulgaria, in 1999, where its first conference was held. It gathers the national lighting committees of Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey. The Balkan Light conferences were also organized in Istanbul (2002), Romania (2005) and Slovenia (2008). At the conference meeting in Slovenia, Prof. Kostic was elected President of Balkan Light and it was decided that the next Balkan Light Conference would be held in Belgrade, in October 2012.

Since 2003, at all of the above mentioned conferences organized by CIE, Lux Europa and Balkan Light, the Serbian Lighting Committee was represented through the results of the work and research described in the papers submitted and presented by Prof. Kostic and his associates.

The Serbian Lighting Committee keeps track of the activities of the relevant international organizations devoted to lighting, primarily those involved with standards and recommendations in this field, informing the Board, Assembly and members of the SLS. Besides, the SLS Board received the following research projects done within the Serbian Lighting Committee:
- Recommendations for the design, installation and maintenance of the functional and architectural (decorative) lighting in Belgrade,
- Technical, economic and ecological aspects of the use of compact fluorescent lamps, and
- Recommendations for the realization of a general urban lighting masterplan.

In April 2009, the SLC and the SLS organized a seminar regarding decorative urban lighting, at which the SLC presented recommendations for architectural lighting of buildings. Two years later (in June 2011) the SLC and the SLS also organized a seminar entitled: The application of LED technology in urban (street, ambient and architectural) lighting, which adjourned with numerous conclusions, later distributed among the corporate members of the SLS.

The SLC successfully organized the Fifth Balkan Light Conference (Belgrade, 3-6th October 2012), where 45 papers were presented by the authors from most of the Balkan countries.